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Glitched In is a 2D action puzzle platformer, where you try to save your son from being trapped in a computer game he created as a result of a glitch malfunction gone wrong.


Glitched In is a 2D action puzzle platformer, where you try to save your son trapped in a computer game he worked on. Join Elizabeth as she gets into the adventure to try to rescue her son, Edmond from being trapped in his computer game. You will be exploring the depth and creative worlds of your son you never thought achievable, on the attempt of saving his life you get to understand his creative side you never knew: but it comes with a cost.

As you’re trapped in your son’s first game ever created, the enemies and the world you’ll encounter will have a major setback: they’ll filled with bugs. As you are the first ‘beta’ tester of his game, you’ll be up to challenges on tackling puzzles and enemies carefully placed within the levels, some may glitch out randomly due to bugs, but you will have a small window of opportunity to use them to your advantage.

Hidden items can also be found through random glitches as cracks within the levels that occur randomly, visually resembling missing texture as gateways, where you will able to fight off a small horde of infected enemies, granting you random unique abilities and other rare power-ups throughout the game, assisting you throughout your journey and carefully preparing for any boss fights you will encounter.

Each worlds has its unique set up of enemies and traps set up, each dwelling deeper into the abyss: from classic takes on trolls to skeletons, to golems and harpies, and many other fantasy based enemies. Each world will consists of 5 levels, ranging from forest, caves, mountains, desert and snow to other abstract and fantasy like environments.

In various places and areas that are proven to be unreachable by Elizabeth, once you’re granted the ability to change your size, you can switch between child, teen and young adult versions of yourself, granting you the ability to reach higher grounds or crawl in deep undercover areas. You only have a limited amount of usage per each level, so make it count!

You’ll also be accompanied by a friendly companion called Buddy, a Siberian flying squirrel which conveniently uses its leather flying helmet to fly around in assistance, granting you the ability to rescue you from falling off from the levels, but same as the ability to change your size, this one’s also limited per level.

The game focuses on atmosphere, exploration and mystery. The tone and story of Glitched In is provocative and open to interpretation. Delve deep into the game and claim your son back.

Key Features

  • Epic Boss Fights
  • Upgradable Weapons / Unlockables
  • Secret Areas and Collectables
  • Difficulty level based on casual or hardcore mode for those looking for a challenge
  • Amazing Ambiance and Scenery
  • 2 player Co-op support
  • Cross Play Support
  • In-Game Level Editor
  • Modding Support

Play Anytime, Anywhere (Cross-Play)

Pick game up anywhere, progress saves. Any progress you make on the device will be automatically synced on the cloud, ready to be downloaded on other platforms.

Vast Playground

Glitched In includes over 50 levels of 2D platforming gameplay, all designed for all ages and playing style. Unlock new abilities progressively and discover new paths through well hidden glitches within the game meta world.

2-Player Co-Op Gameplay & Couch Support

Play as Eli in the solo campaign, or have another friend jump in at any time to play as the lovable companion n

amed Buddy your husband created. The secondary player can leave at any time without affecting the others’ progression. Local Network and Split Screen are to be primarily featured, online support is planned along with cross-play support.

Variety of Gameplay

Glitched In is a platformer at its core, but it has elements of many game genres. Elizabeth and Buddy, your companion gain unique abilities as they progress through the adventure, including swimming, diving and the sensational “glitch abilities”. The game also features many elements of action, adventure and beat-em-up gameplay.

Modding Support & Level Editor

Glitched In will feature an in-game level editor which can be used to create new levels from the world set already present in the game or create totally new worlds and assets that can be easily shared among friends through Steam Workshop support (console modding support will come later).

Concept Arts

High Level Statement

  • Glitched In is a 2D action puzzle platformer game, in which you try to save your son who got accidentally trapped in a video game he created.
  • Game play is similar to Jazz Jackrabbit 2, with the added twist, interest and excitement of Rayman Origin and Teslagrad’s puzzle mechanics and storytelling.
  • Very fast paced action, with lots of fighting and puzzle solving. Choose from a variety of fighting abilities including hand to hand and ranged weapons.
  • 2D game, with an added parallax depth view.
  • You play as the character who gets to try to save your son, in which she starts out as a child and grows as the game progresses, granting her the ability to grow up in size and access areas that were previously unreachable.
  • You fight enemies, go on quests, collect items, solve puzzles, and use the ability to change age and size to accomplish them.
  • Several NPC’s can journey with you and help you fight, as your trustworthy companion pet.
  • Occasionally fight large scale battles and bosses, in order to gain access to new areas and abilities.
  • Single player campaign with 10+ hours of gameplay.
  • A high level of replayability.
  • Multiplayer allows you to play with friend as the companion in a cooperative game


  • Echoer (bat)
    – They fall down on you (run or jump away to avoid)
  • Ghost
    – They can block attacks from any direction
    – Can make a weapon out of any part of their body and can sit calm and look at you and the next minute a sword thrust out their back
  • Blind Werewolf
    – They live in caves with a chain around the neck with the same colo as the ghost to give the idea that the ghost are controlling them
    – Simple hack & slash attacks
  • Golems
    – A big hunk of rocks with smashing being the only thing on its mind
  • Headless Harpy
    – With a spear weapon that can do a fly in lunge attack
  • Giant Spiders
    – Can attack with its feet and throw a web to stun you for a short time
  • Skeleton 
    – Regular hack & Slash attacks

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