About Our Company


Our mission and dedication coming together

We are Anharmonic Games, an indie game development start-up studio based in Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania, Romania. We are a small team of talented and passionate artists and developers who devote their careers to crafting awesome games and other art products.

Currently we are creating awesome games for mobile, with PC and console platforms being in plans for the future.

Our core belief is game development should not only be a business strategy, but a long journey, which is why we firmly believe the core philosophy behind us is one that resonates so well for us.

Our Team

Tacacs Artur

CEO / Lead Programmer

Tacacs Arnold

Co-founder / Programmer

Paul Sighartau

CTO / Modeler

Calina Olievschi

Graphic Designer

Diana Duplancic

Graphic Designer

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