Our Mission

Our core vision besides making great games, is to improve the gaming industry within our area, which is something we would like to see thrive.

We are Anharmonic Games, an indie game development studio based in Transylvania, Romania. We are a small team of talented and passionate artists and developers who devote their careers to crafting awesome games and other art products.

Currently we are making games for mobile, with PC and console platforms being in plans for the future.

Our core belief is that game development should not only be a business strategy, but a long journey, which is why we firmly believe the core philosophy behind us is one that resonates so well for us.

Coming soon to Google Play!

Faux Universe - Tower Defense

Faux Universe – Tower Defense is a sci-fi tower defense game created by gamers for gamers. Defend using epic and unique tower strategy with variety of different towers. Defend your realm to hold another day! Highly customizable towers with 5 basic elements and more than 31 sci fi modules making your defense unique. Find the best towers and elements combination for your defense of your space realm. Defense is not only thing that you will encounter in the game. This tower defense has its story line which affects the gameplay and understanding the laws of this sci fi space game universe is as important for your defense as your towers and elements on them. Overcome incredible odds with strategy and wit!

Currently In Development

Glitched In is a 2D action puzzle platformer, where you try to save your son trapped in a computer game he worked on. Join Elizabeth as she gets into the adventure to try to rescue her son, Edmond from being trapped in his computer game. You will be exploring the depth and creative worlds of your son you never thought achievable, on the attempt of saving his life you get to understand his creative side you never knew: but it comes with a cost.

As you’re trapped in your son’s first game ever created, the enemies and the world you’ll encounter will have a major setback: they’ll filled with bugs. As you are the first ‘beta’ tester of his game, you’ll be up to challenges on tackling puzzles and enemies carefully placed within the levels, some may glitch out randomly due to bugs, but you will have a small window of opportunity to use them to your advantage.

The game focuses on atmosphere, exploration and mystery. The tone and story of Glitched In is provocative and open to interpretation. Delve deep into the game and claim your son back!


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